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THRIVEKIDS exists to lead children in the 715 to have a real and authentic relationship with Jesus. We We want to teach and show them God's love because they are the future! 

grow nights

Grow nights take place every Wednesday during each trimester of Life-Groups.  Grow nights are designed to help 4th and 5th graders to grow closer to Jesus by learning to build community through small groups.

Sunday Mornings

Serving kids from age 0 to 5th grade, we believe children are an important part of the ThriveChurch family and more importantly a HUGE part of God's Kingdom!

The story of God reveals the character of God and that's why we use bible stories to teach core virtues. To help the kids have a better understanding, we use principles that are supported by weekly bottom lines -- A short phrase so easy to remember that it can be reinforced at home throughout the week.

how do i know my child will be safe and secure?

At ThriveChurch, safety is our number one priority. We have a secure check in / check out system. Once you check your child in, your child will receive a sticker with their name and a unique code on it. As a parent, you will also receive a matching sticker. After service, you can check your child out using that sticker. 

In addition, every volunteer is background checked. We do not allow anybody without a background check to enter the children's wing during service (This includes parents). You will be able to monitor your child throughout the service using our security system located near the check in / check out station.  If we, or your child, need you during service, we will place your family code on the screen in the auditorium. 

Have questions?

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